In 1911, Alfred Hymas started up his business with a Pony and Trap, taking villagers to and from the local Station, 2 miles away.

In 1914, he joined the army to fight in World War One and after returning in 1918, he went to work part time for his Uncle, while raising capital to further his own business.

By 1925 he had bought his first Motor Vehicle, which could quickly be converted from Passenger to Goods, by moving the seats. He soon progressed to becoming a coal merchant, supplying Burton Leonard and surrounding villages, as well as collecting produce from local farms and transporting it to the local stations.

In 1939, a fleet of 7 wagons was employed, hauling stone to build the local aerodromes for World War Two.

The business evolves

The business continued to grow, but in 1953, Alfred Hymas passed away and was succeeded by his eldest son. Alan Hymas was left a total of 10 wagons and 3 coaches to manage.

Only 3 years later, Alan was killed in a tragic accident and his brother Maurice Hymas, was left to run the business at the age of 19. Maurice registered the business as a ‘Limited’ Company and became Managing Director. Gradually the business expanded more and more.

By the early 1980s , Alfred Hymas Ltd was involved in transporting large volumes of coal to a number of Yorkshire Power Stations and also began container work. Throughout these very successful years, the Company’s fleet peaked at over 70 wagons.

The Company also developed a farming sideline, with over a 1,100 acre farm. The farm was for many years managed by Dave Whincup also a Director of the company who still has an active role within the business. The farm is currently managed by Iain Smith who was appointed in 2015 and has a wealth of experience in both arable and beef produce.

By the late 1980s, Maurice’s 2 sons were of an age to join the family business. In 1997, Maurice Hymas ventured into semi-retirement, allowing his youngest son to take over the role of Managing Director.